2 days ago

Downtown Camrose

Consider that you were born at age 0. At the time of your last breath you became age 1.

Now consider that we may celebrate this day, as a day of rebirth into an infinite existence. A time to celebrate a life lived, laughed, cried, danced, and sung.

There is a universal body of teachings that span all traditions, that refer to the time of death as not an ending, but a new beginning!

Join us May 5 at Sacred Arts for our “Zero to One” workshop. We will unpack these teachings, experience some deeply cleansing and awakening Kundalini yoga and meditations. We will clear away the ghosts that keep us from fully living, and reclaim our innocence!

One need not fear death. Especially when one is aware, awake, and prepared.

Sat Nam 🌱🙏
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