2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Downtown Camrose 2016 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sacred Arts Cafe

5006 – 50 St.,

Camrose, AB



Debbie Thompson, Clark MacKay, Michael Wetsch, Kim Turre, Bill Sears, Cody McCarroll, Allan Walkey, Curtis LeDain, Doug Shields, Glenda Beagle, Louis Jones, Dan Olafson, Lindsay Cole

Call to Order

Michael Wetsch, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:05p.m. at Sacred Arts Cafe at 5006 – 50 St., Camrose, Alberta

Adoption of Minutes

The minutes of the 2015 AGM were presented.

Kim Turre moved, seconded by Debbie Thompson, that the minutes from the January 27th, 2015 AGM be approved. CARRIED

 Adoption of Agenda

Kim Turre moved, second by Debbie Thompson for the adoption of the AGM Agenda be approved. CARRIED

Downton Camrose Report

Downtown Camrose Development

2016 Highlights in Review


  • 2016 was once again, a dynamic year for Downtown Camrose, its Board of Directors and its working committees. The Board of Directors acknowledges the support of our partners and volunteers in meeting the changes that we faced throughout the year. 2016 was a challenging year economically and our committees worked diligently to find effective and efficient ways to meet our mandate to continue to provide an environment in which our members can generate revenue.
  • In 2016, the membership endorsed the move to be incorporated as a not for profit limited company. In September, Downtown Camrose Development Ltd. was established. Being a not for profit limited company will allow us to pursue grants that we didn’t have access to before and it also allows us to broaden our depth of opportunity when looking at the future of the downtown as it relates to the legislation and bylaw that enables our work.
  • Downtown Camrose as a Business Revitalization Zone was initially set up as an economic development program by the Province to encourage the business community to develop projects that are in keeping with their needs in the face of uncertain economic times. This is still true today. In keeping with this, the Board has undertaken a three-phase approach to re-engineering our organization: Phase 1, was to ensure that our house was in order, and that meant ensuring that there are policies and procedures in place to ensure transparency in what is being done and measurements to ensure that we use best practices in our projects. A business plan is in place and being followed by our administration and working committees; Phase 2 is to re-purpose our business model; through our research and deliberations, the not for profit limited company was chosen and it is working. The next phase is all about engagement of our membership. And that is a very complex endeavour based on the nature of the businesses in the “Zone.” We continue to look to our membership for your support in creating methods and opportunities in which you can be involved with your organization.
  • We have determined that we do not have the resources to be directly involved with events; therefore, our role has changed to being much more facilitative by supporting those projects that will give us the biggest impact for the lowest cost. We look towards our Marketing Team for those kind of initiatives that we can get behind. 2016 was an amazing year for these projects:
    • 2016 started off with a “Wellness Campaign”, it was a partnership between us, Alberta Health Services, and the Camrose Public Library. The event lasted the month of January and it provided an opportunity for our wellness operators to gain exposure to a select audience.
    • We continue to support Camrose Show and Shine. This event brings thousands of visitors to our Main Street and we thank the organizers for choosing our Downtown.
    • The Camrose and District Chamber of Commerce continues to run the amazing Jaywalkers Jamboree as their major fundraiser for the year. Downtown Camrose provides financial support for the promotion of the event.
    • The Downtown Camrose Farmers Market was a new initiative in 2016. A special committee took on the project and it was an immediate success. (The Downtown Camrose Farmers Market report follows).
    • The Camrose Kodiak Hockey Team approached us to facilitate the “Rock the Road” Street Hockey Tournament on the September long weekend. Over 350 people (family and players) crowded 49th street between 50th and 51st avenues to rock the road. Our special thanks to the event sponsors: The Camrose Kodiaks, Downtown Fountain Tire, Downtown Vision Credit Union, The Brick, Wildrose Coop, Stockmen’s Chophouse, DJ Allen, Bra Necessities and From Kick to Kids. We will look forward to the event in 2017
    • The Scarecrow Festival was not as successful as we hoped. Participation was off. The Marketing Team will be reworking this event for 2017 and we look forward to lots of action.
    • One Less Trip – with these tougher economic times it was important for us to participate in a “buy local / shop regional” campaign to create awareness in consumers about the importance of shopping locally and the impact of our small businesses on our communities and in this region. Downtown Camrose has partnered with the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (representing 25 communities in the region) and the Camrose and District Chamber of Commerce to undertake this project. A toolkit has been prepared for businesses and communities to promote our businesses. This initiative will run through 2017.
    • Midnight Madness 2016, from all accounts was a success. Foss Irwin was back with his sleigh rides, Santa once again visited with over 250 children and saw many of the merchants that were open late that night. We were thrilled to have the 21 member Edberg Mennonite Youth Choir to support us as carollers for the evening; making this a magical night.
    • We have rebranded our Downtown Dollars, they are available for purchase from us to be used as gifts for friends or as giveaways.
    • We once again had an awesome Stamp Around campaign and our huge thanks to the Camrose Booster for their ongoing support and to Centra Cam staff and volunteers for picking up the ballots. Our grand prize winners donated their winnings back to the community.
    • The Marketing Team has continued to look at ways of getting our message out. To this end, we use social media, print advertising, and video to tell our story. Our Facebook page is well received and our website is lacking so we will be reworking it in the near future. We have started our newsletters and if we have your email you should be getting those updates seasonally.
  • In 2016, the membership voted to support the development of a loyalty program in keeping with current technology. The Board of Directors are pleased to partner with Camrose Now! in the creation of an “app within the app”. We anticipate a launch in early 2017 with orientation sessions to begin in the New Year. There is an amazing amount of potential in utilizing this technology to better access and understand our markets and our consumers.
  • North American Industrial Classification System and Downtown Camrose – In 2016, we undertook the task of classifying our membership by using this system. We determined that 21% of the downtown businesses are directly involved in retail. This is the first time we have put together this kind of material and it will be a tool to assist in our decision making in the future. See the attached graphic as appendix A.

These are some of the highlights of 2016 and we look forward to an exciting 2017.


Downtown Camrose

Downtown Market Manager Report

 2016 was the first year the Downtown Camrose Market was in full operation and it was seen as a huge success not only for the vendors but for the Camrose community as well. Farmers’ markets are the #1 agri-tourism attraction in Alberta. According to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, the average spending per visit to an Alberta Farmers’ Market is $55. With an estimated 600-900 visitors per week to our market, this means an estimated $33,000-$49,500 in revenue going to hard-working local businesses per week. The intention of the market is to also bring more business to Downtown Camrose stores. By talking to a number of Downtown stores and seeing the increase in traffic downtown during market hours it shows that the market is doing its purpose.

Our projected income from vendors in 2016 was $5970 but the market actually took in $9313. We had an average of 22-25 vendors per week. Many have already re-registered for 2017 and almost 100% of vendors verbally stated they would love to come back. With these vendors returning and the new vendors we anticipate on getting, we believe 2017 will be an even bigger success.

The following items are ideas that are going to be looked into for the 2017 market season that we believe will enhance the market experience and bring in more customers and vendors:

  • Attain a Downtown Camrose Market tent with a custom canopy with our logo. If we have our own market tent, customers can come to the tent for information, custom canvas market bags, and downtown passports.
  • Downtown passports are an idea we have to get more people shopping at downtown stores as well as the market on Thursday nights. People will come and pick up their passports during market hours and get their passports stamped at participating downtown stores for a chance to win prizes.
  • We plan to bring in more community involvement. We will try and bring in different community organizations every week to have a free table and promote their organization. We also hope to bring in more activities and entertainment for children such as hopefully getting a local fire truck, etc.

With the success of the market last year we know 2017 will be another great year for the Downtown Camrose Market. More vendors and more customers coming to the Downtown area every week can only mean more possibility for more revenue to the businesses in Downtown Camrose.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stephanie Sims-Downtown Camrose Market Manager


Clark MacKay moved, second by Michael Wetsch to approve the Downtown Camrose report as presented. – CARRIED

 2016 Financial Review:

Clark MacKay moved, seconded by Dan Olafson that the financial review be accepted as presented – CARRIED

Election of Officers:

Doug Shields moved, to elect the following as first officers of the Business Revitalization Zone: Chair, Michael Wetsch, Vice-Chair, Debbie Thompson, and Treasurer, Curtis LeDain. A call for nominations from the floor was done. Hearing none, the motion was seconded by Cody McCarroll. CARRIED

 Board of Directors:

The following people have agreed to let their names stand as the Board of Directors:

  • Michael Wetsch, Debbie Thompson, Kim Turre, Curtis Le Dain, Randy McCrea, Lauren Cleveland, Jen Lindstrand, Mark McDevitt, Cody McCarroll


Amendments to Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association re: Membership

Persons Entitled to be Members

  • The members of the Association shall be:
  1. all businesses present in the business revitalization zone that are required to pay the levy as determined by Municipal Council.
  2. all persons and businesses in the zone that have a right to participate due to their ownership of land and buildings, and
  3. extraordinary members, residents of legal age within the City of Camrose that participate through non-binding recommendations to the Board of Directors


Motion: Moved by Michael Wetsch that the following subsections be included in the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association:


  1. that those businesses on the periphery of the area designated as the “Business Revitalization Zone” under the City of Camrose bylaw; be entitled to conditional membership on the Board of Directors and its committees at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and
  2. that the City of Camrose can at the direction of Mayor and Council provide representation through its member or its designate as a voting Board Member.



Seconded by Dan Olafson –  CARRIED


2017 Budget:

 Debbie Thompson moved, second by Curtis LeDain that the 2017 budget be approved as presented. CARRIED

 Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Prepared by Allan Walkey

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