Street Closure / Parking Notice
63rd Annual Jaywalkers Jamboree
1. On Wednesday, June 1st, side streets East of 50th Street, between 51st Avenue and 49a Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic at 6:00pm. in order for West Coast Amusements to begin set-up.

2. On Thursday, June 2nd, 50th Street (Main Street) will be closed to vehicle traffic at 2:00pm. Vendor set-up begins at 6:00pm, June 2nd. ONLY West Coast Amusements, the entertainment stages and oversized booths (with permission) will have access from 2:00-6:00.

3. On Sunday, June 2nd, tear-down begins after 6:00pm on once the streets are cleared of people and can safely reopen.
Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciated it.