The City of Camrose collects a business levy specifically from members in the downtown zone. Unlike the municipal property tax, this Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) tax is paid by the Downtown business owner, not the property owner. BRZ taxes are used to fund the operations of the Downtown Camrose organization and member driven initiatives.

Downtown Camrose supports and promotes a variety of events and programs in the downtown core to increase foot traffic and build awareness of its diverse businesses. The organization is also an advocate for its members to the City of Camrose.

We work collaboratively with the City of Camrose, partners and stakeholders on the delivery of shared programs and services. We support those policies and practices that will support the economic viability of the BRZ.


Originally, called City Center Camrose, Downtown Camrose was established over 30 years ago as a “Business Revitalization Zone” (BRZ). Our mandate was/is to enhance the economic development of the area through the promotion and marketing of businesses in the downtown core.

Downtown Camrose Catchment Area

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